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What is Mephisto Backup? This program can do simple backups and syncs over a network or locally. Mephisto Backup was made with the Java programming language. The key feature of this program is the ability to backup your system to an image and copy it to a Linux Live DVD for future restoration. The user can then take that cd and move his or her system to any PC.

Youtube Videos Demos:

How to compile from source:


Features Backup your operating system to a Live CD. Restore your OS from the official live CD which is used by Mephisto Backup to Restore your operating system only. Displays the size of your backup ISO and TAR file after each backup job is ran. Blank DVD-RW’s. Sync between locations and save backup configurations. Burn the backup image to the live cd within the program. Backup Schedules. Built-in partitioning tool. Built-in Software RAID configuration tool. Graphical user interface.

NEWS 7/13/2013 New Mephisto release: v1.16 !

Contains many bug fixes. Please see "Downloads" for detailed information.

Why the re-imaging section of the program may not work for you Your using a different filesystem than ext2, btrfs, ext3, ext4, or xfs. Your not using Arch Linux, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu or basically an operating system that uses something else besides mkinitcpio, mkinitrd, or mkinitramfs to generate a kernel initrd image.

About the Live CD The Live CD is a modified Gentoo minimal install disc. When the disc is finished booting, the Mephisto Backup restore process will begin automatically.

The MephistoBackup? Restore Live CD does not automatically load Mephisto Backup.

Simply type :

mkdir /cdrom mount /dev/cdrom /cdrom cd /mnt/cdrom && ./mephisto Restore disc downloads:


1.16.x is the long term support release. A long term support release receives patches and stability improvements. Feel free to test and submit bug reports to [email protected]. Click "Downloads" on the top to download.

How to run: unzip, cd into the folder, ./mephistobackup or ./mephistobackupgui

Restore disc downloads: