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# Version 3.0.11
## New Features:
* Manage Containers: Has a new option called "Commit Image" that allows you to update a Docker image with the current running image.
* Operations: Has a new option called "Edit Hosts" which will let you modify /etc/hosts on the server and then it will be copied to each node.
## Enhancements:
* Added PiCluster version to /nodes API
* Webconsole: Displays version number from server
* Webconsole: Removed depcreciated BodyParser constructor
* Webconsole: Image list shows size and created time.
* ElasticSearch: Support for SSL/TLS
## Removed or Deprecated:
* None
## Bug Fixes:
* Docker Swarm fix for adding nodes to existing cluster
* Heatbeat - Was incorrectly sending restart requests to the Server instead of Agent
* Node List - Fix for displaying the Ubuntu Logo
* Docker-compose files functional, moved away from Alpine Linux
* Updated Github Link to on blank.html
* Server no longer hangs when running a command when a node is offline