1 Node API
verita84 edited this page 1 year ago

After PiCLuster 2.0, the /nodes API call was updated to provide system metrics and detailed information. This is now the main way how the Webconsole and Server receive information from the cluster nodes.

	data: [{
		cpu_percent: 89.73840690750971,
		hostname: 'macbook-pro-2.lan',
		os_type: 'darwin',
		disk_percentage: 36,
		total_running_containers: 1,
		running_containers: [Array],
		images: [Array],
		cpu_cores: 4,
		memory_percentage: 64
	total_containers: 0,
	total_nodes: 1,
	container_list: ['nginx', 'minio'],
	nodes: ['localhost']