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Using pm2 to init PiCluster on systemd

  • Login as root
sudo su
  • Install pm2
npm install -g pm2
  • Install the pm2 systemd unit file
pm2 startup systemd
  • Export the PiCluster config path (change the path accordingly)
export PICLUSTER_CONFIG='/opt/picluster/config.json'
  • Start the server, agent, and webconsole scripts (change the path accordingly)
pm2 start /opt/picluster/server/server.js
pm2 start /opt/picluster/agent/agent.js
pm2 start /opt/picluster/web/webconsole.js
  • Save the pm2 session to start at boot
pm2 save
  • Enable pm2 at boot:
systemctl enable pm2-root
  • Reboot for the services to be started properly