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Quickly Run Pleroma in Docker

This setup will allow you to quickly run and maintain a Pleroma instance.


  • Mostly Automated Install
  • Automatic Backup
  • Automatic Restore
  • Automatic Upgrades
  • Automatic install of SoapBoxFE if needed
  • Daily Postgresql backups

System Requirements

  • Your own Domain Name
  • Docker installed
  • Cloudflare setup for your Domain Name
  • Port 443 open on your firewall/router

Getting Started

Modify terms-of-service.html with your terms of service
Modify ENDPOINT in docker-compose.yml with your domain name
Modify the second to last line in pleroma/ with your desired admin name

Running with a low-memory machine?

Here is the recommended changes to make at the bottom of postgresql/postgresql.conf

max_connections = 200
shared_buffers = 128MB
effective_cache_size = 384MB
maintenance_work_mem = 32MB
checkpoint_completion_target = 0.9
wal_buffers = 3932kB
default_statistics_target = 100
random_page_cost = 4
effective_io_concurrency = 2
work_mem = 327kB
min_wal_size = 1GB
max_wal_size = 4GB
Build and Start Pleroma
git checkout HEAD config/config.exs
docker-compose up -d
Get the URL to change the Pleromp Admin user
docker-compose logs -f

The URL will let you set the admin password so you can login your instance.